Sustainable Supply Chain Responsible Sourcing

Consulting, Advisory and Verification Services For Sustainable Supply Chain and Resilience Efforts

Creating and maintaining a responsible and resilient supply chain has become a key success factor for food and agriculture businesses in this ever-changing globalized world. Third-party verification of your responsible sourcing program provides transparency to your supply chain, manage potential risks and innovate to create positive environmental and social impacts. The verification reinforces that your suppliers grow or produce food using efficient, safe and ethical field or factory environments – Sustainable Supply Chain Responsible Sourcing.

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Benefit from our three decades of sustainability assessment and certification experience in the food and agriculture sector. Drawing from extensive industry knowledge and best practices, Envirolink ’ global network of auditors and assessors can provide customized and innovative solutions in developing a responsible/sustainable sourcing program based on client’s supply chain needs and business strategy or recommend improvements in the existing program. Our advisory and verification services can help you better understand the risks and advance towards sustainable practices within your supply chain.

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