A sustainable future that safeguards our environment and our climate, respects the dignity and supports the health and wellbeing of workers and communities, and raises the standard of living for all. Sustainability Solutions in UAE, Sustainable Certifications in UAE, LEED Green Building Product Certification, Sustainable Certifications in Dubai, Sustainability Solutions in Dubai


Envirolink (LEED Product Certification Building Material Green Ecolabel Certificate) is beholden to no other organization or entity.

Fee for service only

Our fees are transparent and not attached to the outcome of any audit assessment or certification or to the volume of sales of certified products


Our internal quality system and outside accreditations insulate us from commercial financial and other pressures that might influence the findings of a certification, verification or validation and interpretations of test results

Avoid conflict of interest

All staff and contractors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and each program director and manager is responsible for identifying, analysing and documenting potential conflicts of interest in order to avoid such conflicts

Most preferred Solutions – LEED ESTIDAMA Emirates Qatar Green Building Council EGBC QGBC UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Qatar Doha. Sustainability Solutions in UAE, Sustainable Certifications in UAE, LEED Green Building Product Certification

Environmental Product Declaration in GCC (EPD), refer to https://www.envirolink.me/sa/environmental-product-declarations-epd/

Health Product Declaration in GCC (HPD), refer to https://www.envirolink.me/sa/health-product-declarations-hpd/

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