Carbon Offset Verification

GHG Project Verification for Forests, Land-Use, Energy, Industry, Agriculture, Blue Carbon, and more

Carbon offset projects are developed to provide real reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing, absorbing or avoiding the release of carbon dioxide. EnviroLink Services works closely with project developers and landowners to provide third-party verification, a crucial step to secure the sale or trade of carbon credits in global carbon markets such as the California Cap-and-Trade Program – Carbon Offset Verification in Dubai UAE

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Why work with EnviroLink on your offset verification?

– Assure funders and buyers that your projects are making real climate mitigation impacts, backed by EnviroLink’ reliability and longstanding climate expertise

– Work with knowledgeable staff with experience verifying a wide range of offset project types

– Provide independent confirmation of your emissions reduction claim for better access to carbon markets

– Receive support throughout the verification process and afterwards

– enviro LINK has verified over 250 million tonnes of Co2e emissions reductions! – Carbon Offset Verification

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Project Types - Carbon Offset Verification in Dubai UAE

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