Sustainable Fabric Certification

Association for Contract Textiles – “Facts” EcoLabel

Certification to the Association for Contract Textiles “Facts” program enhances the market value of your sustainable fabrics used in commercial furniture and furnishing applications. The Facts ecolabel assures specifiers that your contract textiles conform to the multi-attribute NSF/ANSI 336 standard, and signals your commitment to social and environmental excellence – Sustainable Fabric Certification.

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EnviroLink’s expertise across sustainable textile supply chains ensures that your NSF/ANSI 336 certification assessment is performed credibly and efficiently. In addition to our accreditation by Association for Contract Textiles, we helped develop the Textile Exchange’s Global Recycled Standard, and established the EnviroLink Certified Responsible Source™ program for synthetic polymer and fiber textile inputs. Specifying materials from Responsible Source™ certified suppliers pre-qualifies you for credit under the NSF/ANSI 336 standard – Sustainable Fabric Certification.

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