Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Certification

Meet Corporate Goals and Mitigate Supply Chain Risk with Advanced Reporting Tools

Companies must take a smart approach to meeting their corporate responsibility goals and managing risk in their supply chains. Completing due diligence of conflict mineral sources, tracking your supplier’s certifications, ensuring fair labor practices in your supply chain, planning to meet zero-deforestation goals, or tracking GHG emissions, all must be done thoroughly and rigorously.

Envirolink is at the forefront of supply chain sustainability. We have two decades of experience in developing systems to collect data from suppliers, analyze their information, verify compliance to supplier criteria, and report, whether it is for internal supply chain management or to meet regulatory requirements.

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Envirolink has decades of experience in lifecycle thinking. Utilizing our expertise, Envirolink can identify high risk “hot spots” in your supply chain, allowing you to most quickly achieve corporate goals and mitigate risk. We can guide supplier outreach with custom requests that feed into existing Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Sisense.

We can create custom dashboards and easy-to-use tools that do not require expensive software solutions. And these tools can also be customized with report formats meeting requirements by CDP, the SEC under Dodd Frank, EU and OECD due diligence frameworks.

The business case is clear, building and improving supply chain sustainability helps organizations reduce risk, satisfy customers, create resilience, and deliver efficiencies that ultimately save money.

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