LEED EPD in Dubai UAE – Building product disclosure and optimization – environmental product declarations (EPD)

Materials and Resources Possible 2 LEED Points – LEED EPD in Dubai UAE – EPD for Building Material LEED Project-Estidama Building Product Certification Abu Dhabi

LEED EPD in Dubai UAE, Environmental Product Declaration in Dubai, UAE – For more details on EPD, visit https://www.envirolink.me/solutions/


To encourage the use of products and materials for which life-cycle information is available and that have environmentally, economically, and socially preferable life-cycle impacts. To reward project teams for selecting products from manufacturers who have verified improved environmental life-cycle impacts. Estidama Building Product Certification Abu Dhabi-EPD for Building Material LEED Project- LEED EPD in Dubai UAE – For EPD in Dubai UAE, visit https://www.envirolink.me/solutions/


Achieve one or more of the options below, for a maximum of 2 points.

Option 1. environmental product declaration (EPD) (1 point)

Use at least 20 different permanently installed products sourced from at least five different manufacturers that meet one of the disclosure criteria below.


Option 2. Multi-attribute optimization (1 point)

Use products that comply with one of the criteria below for 50%, by cost, of the total value of permanently installed products in the project. Products will be valued as below.

For credit achievement calculation, products sourced (extracted, manufactured, purchased) within 100 miles (160 km) of the project site are valued at 200% of their base contributing cost.

Structure and enclosure materials may not constitute more than 30% of the value of compliant building products. Projects with significant amounts of structural and enclosure materials may exceed the 30% limit by calculating an alternative structure and enclosure limit (See Calculations under Further Explanation).

SITES-LEED Equivalency

This LEED credit (or a component of this credit) has been established as equivalent to a SITES v2 credit or component. Estidama Building Product Certification Abu Dhabi-EPD in Dubai UAE – For more information visit https://www.envirolink.me/solutions/