Lead Safe Paint

Certification for Indoor and Outdoor Paints with Low Lead Content

Lead continues to be widely used in paint manufactured and distributed in developing countries and poses significant health threats, especially for children. Lead Safe Paint® is a certification program developed by IPEN, a global NGO and international leader on chemical safety, that confirms the lead content in a paint product does not exceed 90 parts per million (ppm). This limit is the strictest regulatory standard for lead content in paint established by countries such as the United States of America, the Philippines, and Nepal.

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Exclusive Certification Body

Envirolink is the only independent third party certification body approved by IPEN to conduct Lead Safe Paint certification assessments. Envirolink manages all aspects of the certification program for manufacturers around the world.

Complementary Services

Save time and money by taking advantage of Envirolink’ complete portfolio of environmental certification services. Bundled service discounts are available for indoor air quality, material transparency, and life cycle assessment services, including: Health Product Declarations (HPDs) , Recycled Content, Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)